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Mars is an independent strategy consultancy looking to build brands that move people

A brand is a name with the power to influence

If you would like to have a plan for who to influence, in what way, and to engage people in your brand project, you need a brand platform.

We are agile on Mars. Our processes spring out of recognised brand and strategy development theory, applied in very practical ways. We like to start with a prototype to give us the lay of the land early, so that we can start building the brand quickly. A prototype also makes clear what about the brand is known and where we need more insight. And then, according to need, we tidy up the competitive arena and make sure we understand the brand’s role in it. We investigate what motivates people to have a relationship with your brand, and what they expect from the relationship, so that you can work systematically on strengthening it. And we also think it’s a good idea to develop your brand’s narrative, the story of how you reach your goals, told through actions large and small, in a way that captures people’s attention.

Curious about our online courses?

A strong brand is as important today as it ever was, if not more, and brands don't build themselves. This course will walk you through all you need to know abut brand strategy and give you the tools you need to succeed in practice. 

Module 1: Introduction (free)

This first module is both an introduction to how to build brands in our time and the toolbox you need to succeed. Through the rest of the course you will become more familiar with the tools and how to use them.

Who needs brand strategy?

The short answer is, everybody. Back in the day, branding was something advertisers and marketing departments were up to. Now, we know that the brand is a key strategic asset and that making sure it is clear, strong and attractive is everybody’s job. When brand building is a task for the entire organisation, it is useful for everyone to know exactly what, who and how the brand should be, and to whom it should be something. It is particularly useful to know your brand strategy, and know it well, if your organisation is growing, or setting out to grow, launching new products, entering new markets, starts finding the competitive arena a little messier than it used to be, if it’s difficult to unleash potential you believe is there, in the case of mergers and acquisitions, or any other significant change. And right now, things are changing all the time. It pays to be prepared.


Mars people


Kirsti Rogne

Brand identity, storytelling and
tone of voice


Heavy industry or luxury hotel? Either way, Kirsti conjures up a clear brand identity people can identify with, a brand language and narrative that engages people and that’s easy to execute.

+47 901 47 076


Monna Nordhagen

Business strategy, keynote speaker and brand methodology


The brand’s job number one is to enable the business strategy and empower the organisation in executing it. No one gets the interplay between brand and business strategy like Monna does.

+47 909 24 870

Would you like to work more strategically to unleash the power of your brand?

In the brand strategy book Rockets and Rebels, you will find a useful introduction to everything you need to build strong brands today.